Part Design and Consultation

Start with an idea, a drawing, or a CAD model; because of our engineering experience, we can identify opportunities to make a stronger, better part more efficiently, right from the drawing board, saving you time and money.

Design And Fabrication of Permanent Molds

With a skilled craftsman creating your mold using CNC machining technology, the result is an elegant part that obviates the need for extraneous machining. And if your design requires semi-permanent mold, we make our own sand cores, too.

The Art of the Pour

Starting with the finest quality aluminum, we make consistent, quality castings thanks to accurate furnace controls and experienced foundry men who “know” their mold and can control shrinkage and other variables with the technique of an artisan.

Machining Your Castings

Precision CNC machines and turning centers guarantee accurate milling and boring to minute tolerances, and having machinists who can maximize the potential of their software and processes means better parts, faster.


Heat-treating for strength, painting, polishing or anodizing for appearance, we do it all-and when it’s time to deliver, we integrate with your supply chain management, whether Just-In-Time, Kan-Ban, or other lean manufacturing techniques, however you want your parts you’ll get them.